”A brilliant pickpocket”

Nathaniel Eaton, San Francisco Weekly, USA


Michael Halvarson’s show is a unique top class specialty act witch is booked to theatrical shows, television, gala shows and corporate events all around the world. He often hosts events and combines the role as the MC with his hilarious comedy and pickpocket entertainment. This is the act that inspired the world famous Cirque du Soleil and why Michael was headhunted to originate one of the main characters and the comedy pickpocket act of the show Kooza. A role that Michael has played for many years touring North America and Europe.

Michael Halvarson is available for bookings all around the world.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

”Michael Halvarson is a
 hilarious pickpocket magician”
Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun, Canada

”riggered laughter the moment he appered… sinfully hilarious”
Samantha Ann Francis, Fever Avenue, Singapore

”a pickpocket so dextrous he succeeds in stripping an audience participant of his watch, phone and tie while appearing merely to brush past him”
Luke Jennings, The Guardian, UK

”dazzling display of pocket picking”
Dominic Maxwell, The Times, UK

”it is the pickpocket that truly leaves everyone in wonder and amazement”
Jayna Rana, The Void Magazine, UK

Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee, USA

”A brilliant pickpocket”
Nathaniel Eaton, San Francisco Weekly, USA