”A brilliant pickpocket”

Nathaniel Eaton, San Francisco Weekly, USA

Solo Show

"Comedy & Magic with a twist!" - The solo show
Michael Halvarson delivers a night of laughter, wonders and twisted surprises.

A solo show with Michael Halvarson offers incomparable entertainment with world-class comedy magic, dazzling audience interactions and Michael's unique pickpocket act that has given him great international success. As a brilliant entertainer, Michael combines dexterity, visual humor and spectacular stage numbers. This is a hilarious performance that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Gala Act

Michael Halvarson's globally renowned act is a highlight to your event!

Michael Halvarson takes center stage in your show, featuring the best of his solo performance, along with a few special surprises to elevate your event to new heights.

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

As a skilled master of ceremonies, Michael Halvarson guides your event in the right direction while providing entertainment.

Michael Halvarson is often booked as an entertaining master of ceremonies and host for various events. Here, entertainment is divided into several short acts presented between the other segments.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
”Michael Halvarson is a
hilarious pickpocket magician”
Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun, Canada

”riggered laughter the moment he appeared… sinfully hilarious”
Samantha Ann Francis, Fever Avenue, Singapore

”a pickpocket so dextrous he succeeds in stripping an audience participant of his watch, phone and tie while appearing merely to brush past him”
Luke Jennings, The Guardian, UK

”dazzling display of pocket picking”
Dominic Maxwell, The Times, UK

”it is the pickpocket that truly leaves everyone in wonder and amazement”
Jayna Rana, The Void Magazine, UK

Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee, USA

”A brilliant pickpocket”
Nathaniel Eaton, San Francisco Weekly, USA