Press images

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Photographer: Peter Knutsson

KOOZA - Cirque du Soleil at The Royal Albert Hall, UK

Michael Halvarson is preparing in London for the opening of Kooza with Cirque du Soleil at The Royal Albert Hall.
Photographer: Kristoffer Sandberg

KOOZA - Cirque du Soleil

Michael Halvarson on stage as the "The Pickpocket" in Kooza. The act that he created and originated for Cirque du Soleil.

The Magicians - BBC One, UK

Michael Halvarson and David Hasselhoff in a guest appearance on BBC One's prime time TV-show "The Magicians".
Photographer: Kristoffer Sandberg

The Illusionists - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Michael Halvarson as "The Trickster" in the world touring show "The Illusionists".

Helt magiskt - SVT

Michael Halvarson is one of the three magicians in the prime time TV-show Helt magiskt (The Magicians) on SVT.