Press images

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Photographer: Peter Knutsson

KOOZA - Cirque du Soleil at The Royal Albert Hall, UK

Michael Halvarson is preparing in London for the opening of Kooza with Cirque du Soleil at The Royal Albert Hall.
Photographer: Kristoffer Sandberg

KOOZA - Cirque du Soleil

Michael Halvarson on stage as original cast member of Cirque du Soleil's show Kooza. Here as the "The Pickpocket" performing the act that he created and originated.

The Magicians - BBC One, UK

Michael Halvarson and David Hasselhoff in a guest appearance on BBC One's prime time TV-show "The Magicians".
Photographer: Kristoffer Sandberg

The Illusionists - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Michael Halvarson as "The Trickster" in the world touring show "The Illusionists".

Helt magiskt - SVT, Sweden

Michael Halvarson is one of the three magicians in the prime time TV-show Helt magiskt (The Magicians) on SVT.