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About Michael

Michael Halvarson is the comedian, magician and entertainer who with his unique combination of acting, magic, pickpocketing skills and visual humor has made a big name on the international stage. He made his breakthrough when he was head hunted for one of the lead roles in the original cast of Cirque du Soleil's show KOOZA. After the premiere in Montreal, Michael continued to play the show on its world tour and with a great final at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He has done over a thousand performances with Cirque du Soleil and he has been seen by millions of people in stage shows and in TV-programs all around the world. In Sweden, he was one of the three magicians who could be seen in the program series Helt magiskt on National TV. Michael has also been a successful guest artist on the English TV-show The Magicians on BBC One and he performed with five of the world's foremost illusionists on the world touring magic show The Illusionists. With his one-man show, Michael travels all over the world and in recent years he has been to the USA, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia. Michael has also done several shows in Monte-Carlo where he was invited as the main act in the annual New Year's gala at the Hôtel de Paris. He has also participated in several variety shows around Europe.



Stage & TV

2022–2023 Magic Moments, Winter Varieté in Sellin auf Rügen. Dir Dimitrij Sacharow
2022 Comedy & Magic with a twist!, Europe on tour.
2020 Dazzle and Humor, Budapest Varieté. Dir Szebasztian Richter
2019–2020 Passion 2, Stadtbad Leipzig. Dir Guido Gentzel
2019 Magic Moments, Aarhus Festuge. Dir Frank Thierry Deleuran
2018–2019 WinterVarieté, Radio Ton Gourmet Palast. Dir Ralf Sun
2018 MONTE-CARLO, Cirque du Soleil. Dir Hassan El Hajjami
2016 Rallye Monte-Carlo Gala, Salle des Etoiles, Monte-Carlo.
2015 New Year Gala, Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo.
2014 Sommarkrysset, Guest appearance, TV4.
2013 KOOZA, Royal Albert Hall, Cirque du Soleil. Dir David Shiner
2012 KOOZA, Tour USA, Cirque du Soleil. Dir David Shiner
2012 The Illusionists, Marina Bay Sands Theatre. Dir Neil Dorward
2012 The Magicians, Guest appearance, TV-Show, BBC One.
2011 Gala för Världens Barn, Guest appearance, TV-Show, SVT.
2011 Helt Magiskt, 10 episodes, Primetime TV-Show, SVT.
2010 KOOZA, Tour USA, Canada, Cirque du Soleil. Dir David Shiner
2009 Highway to Vegas, Casino Cosmopol. Dir Christian Iwung
2009 Christmas with, Tour Sweden, Live Nation. Dir Edward af Sillén
2008 KOOZA DVD, Movie, Cirque du Soleil. Dir Mario Janelle and David Shiner
2008 KOOZA CD, Music album, Cirque du Soleil.
2007–2009 KOOZA, Tour USA, Canada, Cirque du Soleil. Dir David Shiner
2007 A Thrilling Ride Through Kooza, TV-documentary, CdS. Dir Roger Cantin


  • 2019 - 2020: Some of the shows that Michael performs in are "Passion 2" which plays during the winter season in Leizig, Germany. After that, Michael stars the show "Dazzle and Humor" at Budapest Varieté during the spring. Michael also tours the United States, South America, UK, the Nordic countries and a short trip to Australia with his one man show.
  • 2018: Michael performs in the Cirque du Soleil show "Monte-Carlo" at the magnificent Monte-Carlo Casino. The show pay tribute to Monegasque history and culture through the creative lens of Cirque du Soleil. Set in a fantasy world, inspired by the glamour of the 1920’s, the performance carry the audience on a journey filled with exciting and fantastic adventures in search of love. During the winter, Michael also participates in the dinner show at Radio Ton Gourmet Palast in Heilbronn, Germany.
  • 2016 - 2017: Michael performs at several shows at the Monte Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, including the banquet at the annual Monte Carlo rally. Besides doing a number of performances in Sweden and Europe, Michael is also directing a large event for Coca-Cola European Partners at the Globe Annex i Stockholm.
  • 2015: Michael hosts and performs at large events at the Oscar Theatre in Stockholm and Slakthuset in Malmö. In the live TV-show TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Michael is showing his skills and the anchor man unwittingly loses his watch. He is also a frequent panel member in the radio program Klubb on Sveriges Radio P4. The last day of the year, Michael is booked as the headliner to the great New Year Gala Show at Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo.
  • 2014: Michael appears repeatedly on TV, for instance SVT:s "Veckans Brott" and "TV4 Nyhetsmorgon", informing the public how to protect themselves from pick pockets and revealing different techniques the criminals use. On the TV-show "Sommarkrysset" on TV4, Michael performs live for the Swedish audience and literally loses his head. In the radio program "Klubb" on Swedish Radio, Michael is one of the panel members talking about big and small topics.
  • 2013: Michael is doing 65 sold out shows, with Cirque du Soleil´s "KOOZA", at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
  • 2012: After the success with "Helt magiskt" on Swedish television, Michael is asked by BBC to guest starr in the second season of "The Magicians". The performance is seen live by seven million viewers in England. Michael is also, this winter, casted for the show "The Illusionist". Together with some of the world's most well known illusionists, Michael performs at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre in Singapore. The touring life continues when Michael returns to CdS Kooza for shows in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas and Tampa, Florida.
  • 2011: Michael is casted as one of three magicians to make the Swedish version of BBC:S TV-show "The Magicians". The show in Sweden is to be called "Helt magiskt", and together with Joe Labero and Charlie Caper, Michael entertains the Swedish TV-viewers prime time on ten Saturdays during the fall.
  • 2010: In the beginning of the year Michael reunites with Cirque du Soleil's "KOOZA". He performs in Los Angeles, San Diego, Vancouver and Calgary - where Michael is awarded with The White Hat, by the Mayor. Michael is, to this day, the only Cirque du Soleil performer to have received this prestigious prize. By the end of 2010 Michael has done more than 850 shows with Kooza.
  • 2009: This year Michael participates in two permanent stage shows in Sweden. The gala show "Highway to Vegas" plays during the fall at Casino Cosmopol and, together with Swedish Eurovision star Jan Johansen, Michael also does a Christmas show.
  • 2008: Michael continues touring with CdS "KOOZA" in San José, Hartford, Philadelphia and Chicago. He is also doing the introduction on the recording of the "KOOZA" soundtrack. After two years on the road with Cirque du Soleil, Michael returns to Sweden, where he participates in the show "Christmas with", along with some of Sweden's most famous artists and comedians.
  • 2007: "KOOZA's" world premiere opens in Montréal in May. The expectations are high for the latest Cirque du Soleil show and the critics are unanimous - the show is fantastic! After two months of shows in Montréal, The show continues to Quebec City, Toronto and San Francisco. During the fall, it's filmed for the DVD-release, in front of a live audience.
  • 2006: During the spring 2006, Michael is contacted by Cirque du Soleil's casting section in Montréal. They want him to create a character for an upcoming show. When fall comes, Michael leaves Sweden for Canada to start the six month long creation of a show that will get the name "KOOZA".
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